About Marketing Services

Done with the content and you believe that your job is over… No, it’s not, not yet!
Each book is different with a unique set of audience. To identify the right audience and to maximize the reach, you need a plan; an effective plan to promote your work. To identify the audience, to make your book reach that audience, and to increase the same audience – that’s Marketing.
“Join us, to work with the best of Marketing professionals.”

Book-Release Events

Book Release, as the name suggests, Inauguration of the book and Inauguration of the Post-Release Marketing Activities. With family & friends, and with the potential readers, it becomes fun to showcase the book in front of the world. Along with that, comes, an Online Release. In order to attract more readers towards the book, and making it available for the whole world to read, we believe Online Release is as important as is the Offline Release.

Media PR

Introducing the book and the Author, to the world and to the Journalists helps you to establish your credibility. A good review and a good interview in a reputed newspaper will make you reach millions of readers across the country. Submitting Official Press Release, pitching your Book for Review, and arranging Interview Sessions, will add more to the success.

Online Branding

With the world being available online, it becomes easy and important to handle Online Promotions carefully. A good hand, is all you need to bring more success to your book and to connect with potential readers directly. Creating awareness, and in front of the right audience, can do wonders. Creating social media profiles won’t be enough, we will start with that, and will further, help you to establish your profiles and the trust with the audience, which can be further converted into sales.