Staff Recommended Books

whether you’re a large or a small employer, entrepreneur or an educational institution, professional or a home-maker, these staff suggested books would fit your all time reading requirements.

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Agony and Ecstasy
By Aadesh D. Verma
Baaton Baaton Mei
By Nandini Malhotra Mahajan
By Debaprasad Mukherjee
Bombay : Hamlet to a metropolis
By Shanta Rath Hotta
Chela : Adventures of Jack & Ty
By Saurabh Kumar
Completely Incomplete
By Abhishek Agrawal
Crack of Dawn
By Shamsher Chandel
Dawn at Dusk
By Gaurav Sharma
By Sheena Bassi
Heart of Bullets
Heaven Conspires
By Prity Subramanyam
Her Story: Is not always a story
By Neelam Saxena Chandra
I Love You & Your Sister
By Akshat Shah
Imperfectly Messed Up!
By Shefali Tandon
Kama Dahana
By Venkatesh Prabhu
Karmaayan : Untold Secrets of Ravana
By Santosh Pandey
By Pulkit Gupta
Life… As it Comess…
By Shikhi Sharma
Love Behind The Radio
By Narendra Singh
Love Heals Everything
By Akansh Malik
Love Story? Seriously!
By Shivi Pandey
By Pooja Agrawal
By Pooja Agrawal
By Mayank Sharma
Nayi Sanjh
Not Yet
By Anshuma Sharma
Of Us and Them
By Vidya Mani
Rapescars… They Never Heal…
By Gaurav Sharma
S.H.E. is my…
By Mohit Jain
Slient Invaders
By Shree
Solider's Girl
By Swapnil Pandey
Some Love Stories Never Dies
By Vinit K. Bansal
Sorry, I Loved you…
By Saksham Mittal
By Vinit K. Bansal
Susanna Jones
By Dhanashri Kadam
Tanu Last Track
By Stutee Nag
The Rite to Love
By Priyanka Verma
The Broken Sun
By Alokita Sharma
The Infinite Equinox
By Bhavya Kaushik
The Justified Sin : Now Love has a New Definition
By Harpreet Makkar
The Last Mughal Warrior in Love
By Aditi Mukherjee
The Love Prisoner
By Margaret Singh Punj
Those 7 Days
By Anmol Rana
Under the Peepal Tree
By Swarn Singh Randhawa
Workout Your Soul
By Sonia Singh